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Fibre Optic Talk Set

The Cove Communications Fibre Optic Talk Set is a very useful piece of test and commissioning equipment that uses the fibre being installed to provide a high grade audio link. It is a small voice communication set with a unique combination of all the best talk set features making it most useful when identifying fibres, optimising splices or comparing test results.

It couldn’t be easier to operate, simply switch on and talk. No call button or press to talk switch involved, as the units can operate in both directions at once over a single fibre. It works with both Single-Mode and Multi-Mode fibre and has dual automatic gain control circuitry to maintain comfortable voice levels at whatever the environment you are working in.

  • Multimode and Singlemode capability in a single unit
  • Bi-directionality on a single fibre
  • Up to 4 Kilometres range
  • Dual Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to maximise range
  • Automatic Power Down to extend battery life
  • Voice Activated turn on from sleep mode
  • True Hands Free operation, No press to talk switch
  • Convenient Belt Clip and Equipment Hanger
  • Simple to use
  • LED Battery Level Indicator

This optical Talk Set not only has all the best features of popular units today, it offers the most convenient, instant, real time communication where others units and methods fall down.

Extensive testing

These Talk Sets were tested extensively in a large and diverse optical fibre installation at Kew Gardens. It proved more effective than other modes of communication on both multi-mode and single mode-fibre.

The Cove Communications Talk Set offered clearer uninterrupted communication than either the walkie-talkies or the mobile phone units, at much greater economy.

We feel that this Talk Set will be in great demand especially as installers will find it extremely convenient and easy to use. They will be able to work with both Single-mode and Multi-mode fibre using just one product, saving time and bother as well as a great deal of money. We are sure that installers will be talking up a storm.

Omni-T range Induction Loop System

Our objectives have been to design and develop a range of ruggedized Induction Loop devices for public area spaces.

These products are essential for public reception areas due to the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA 2005) which allows people with impaired hearing to easily communicate with desk staff as well as to access public announcements.

The Omni-T150 and T100 Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems (AFILS) are designed to provide an assistive listening facility for individuals with Inductive Loop Pick-up hearing aids, in local areas where a full room system is either not required or is impractical. They are designed to comply with IEC118-4 standards for Induction Loop Assistive Listening Systems and with EN61000-2-7, EMC standards. They also meet or exceed the requirements for European product quality standards and are CE marked.

Omni-T 150 Induction Loop

The Omni-T150 Induction Loop is a self-contained unit, comprising an efficient aerial housed in an IP65 casing situated within a stainless steel housing (painted blue to RAL5010, although other colours available on request). The unit has been designed specifically for external use with its IP65 rating and virtually vandal proof housing. It works in much the same way as a typical speaker and has a range in excess of 1.5 metres. Without the requirement for external power (if driven by 100v speaker line), this makes the T150 ideal for larger concourses.

The Omni T150 has been endorsed by Network Rail (PADS 089/000013) for use on both over-ground and sub-surface (section 12) platforms.


  • 250x250x120mm (Post mounted)
  • 250x250x68mm (Wall mounted)


  • Solid State Construction
  • 1.5 Metre radial field
  • Line or 100v PA system input
  • Small profile
  • Easy Application Instructions
  • Weatherproof and vandal resistant
  • Convenient rage for individual stations


Simplified wiring: The Omni T150 can be connected to existing 100v speaker line
No need to extend a high current induction loop cable from a central location
No need to provide mains electrical power supply to a remote induction loop
Maintenance free

The T100 can also be used as a passive unit in conjunction with existing PA systems.

OMNI-T Desktop System

The NEW Omni-T Desktop System has been designed for applications where size restrictions are a governing factor. The Omni-T Desktop System will fit into a 90mm footprint and measuring just 145mm in height it becomes less obtrusive than conventional desktop loops, making this unit ideal for counter and desktop applications.

The unit has a range in excess of 1metre and is constructed in aluminium, anodised in a range of colours.